4 Benefits of Using Olive Oil

One of the world’s favourite oils, Olive oil has gained popularity as fast as no other. A secret to innumerable Mediterranean recipes, olive oil has become available to more and more consumer across the globe. Obtained from crushing olives, olive oil has many health benefits that a lot of health and culinary professionals are increasingly swearing by. Not only is it flavourful but also is light oil, which goes best when we are prepping up some light means, especially salads. It has a distinct flavour, which is rather pungent but packs in a lot of goodness to the dish that it gets added to. It is good as part of our food and also has a lot of benefits for our hair as well as skin, along with other beauty related uses.

Good Cholesterol and Heart Health

More and more nutritionists these days are recommending olive oil as a replacement to the usual household oils like peanut, sunflower or rice bran oil. Olive oil contains a lot of monosaturated fatty acids, also known as MUFA, which is kind of a healthy fat and in turn helps prevent heart related ailments. It acts as a source of good cholesterol since; it promotes the flow of high-density lipoproteins through our blood streams.

Moisturiser and Anti-Ageing Benefits

If applied regularly, is olive oil good for your skin? The answer is, YES! It contains a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin E, which helps in nourishing your skin and completely moisturizing it. It can be very helpful especially in treating inflammation, dryness as well as acne. If used on a daily basis, it can greatly improve your skin elasticity and open up the skin pores to increase its regenerative properties. The antioxidants in fact help your skin become healthier and fuller thereby freeing it of wrinkles. It carries anti-ageing properties, allowing your skin to remain succulent for longer and also providing right kind of nourishment to retain its health.

Dandruff and Hair Growth

Olive oil provides the right kind of moisture to your hair thereby freeing it from dandruff. It also helps in reducing scalp irritation. The correct way of application to the hair is to heat a cup of olive oil and thoroughly massage it across your hair, especially on the scalp region. A rest of 20 mins and a mild rinse can leave your hair feel fluffy and fuller once again. By reducing dandruff, olive oil can in fact promote hair growth. The key here is to massage properly and on a regular basis. The Vitamin E content in olive oil makes your hair stronger and helps you get rid of split ends.

Digestive System

Olive oil has been known to treat gastrointestinal tract as well as colon. It helps in stimulating our digestive system, allowing food to move smoothly across the colon. Since it is rich in monosaturated fats, it can help incorrect functioning of the bowel thereby avoiding constipation issues. A tablespoon of lemon mixed with equal amounts of olive oil can work wonders in relieving constipation.

Hope the blog has provided useful information about olive oil and is olive oil good for your skin? Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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